About the Coronavirus Chronicles

The Coronavirus Chronicles: New York in the Time of Pandemic is a project built by the Solutions Journalism class at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York. 

Launched on the day New York was declared in a state of emergency in March 2020, the site is part of Newmark’s student-powered NYCity News Service. 

The student managing editors are Francesca Krempa, Colin Kern, Katie Herchenroeder and Josh Rosenberg

The reporters, producers, editors and designers–all in two or more of those roles–are Erica Anderson, Bryce Buyakie, Christine DeRosa, Theresa Gaffney, Nicholas Gallagher, Brooke Henderson, Maddie Kornfeld, Peter Senzamici and Paul Stremple.

Leading the Solutions Journalism class and supervising the Coronavirus Chronicles were Professor Tim Harper, Adjunct Professor Lynn Brown and Research Adjunct Susan Beachy.

More about the staff:


Managing Editors

Francesca Krempa is a health and science journalist from New Jersey. During the pandemic, she wrote about connections — how people made them, be it through dance, dating apps or drinking green beer, and what happened if they didn’t. This summer, she’ll join Adirondack Explorer as an intern focusing on long-form nature and wildlife reporting. 

Twitter // [email protected] 

Colin Kern is an ocean lifeguard by profession, and came to graduate school to cover the major events of the day and write longform. Colin has written about the New York running community and covers a manufacturing beat for the Issues No. 1 economic blog. 

Katie Herchenroeder focused her pandemic writing on public education, black-owned businesses, women’s cultural production, as well as social media aggregation. Indiana born, Arizona raised, New York City living (and now back to Arizona for the pandemic), Katie is eager to search out stories wherever they may lead. 

katiejillh.com // Twitter // [email protected]

Josh Rosenberg was one of the founding MEs for the site, and also has been its main reporter covering music and the arts. His work focused primarily on artists and cultural business owners as they made their transitions online during the pandemic. Beyond graduate school, Josh will continue to help share the resilient stories of New York City’s arts and culture scene.

Roseandblog.com // Twitter // [email protected]


Reporters, Editors, Producers

Christine DeRosa is a proud Staten Island native who covered spot news pieces including press conferences, virtual graduations, a teacher’s move to online teaching and Staten Island specific stories. She also wrote a first person piece on anxiety and baking during the pandemic. After graduate school, Christine hopes to cover urban issues and criminal justice.

christinederosa.com // Twitter // [email protected]

Theresa Gaffney is a Queens-based reporter focusing on investigative health reporting.  During the pandemic she covered med students, menstruation, and more.

theresagaff.com // Twitter 

Nicholas Gallagher is an art and culture reporter from North Carolina. He wrote about how New York’s shortwave community assists the city during a pandemic, a woman who is collecting chargers for coronavirus patients, and how New York’s experimental art scene is responding to the crisis.

Twitter // [email protected]

Peter Senzamici is a reporter and photojournalist who wrote about pandemic memory, Broadway, food co-op finances and how to bake bread.

Maddie Kornfeld is a health and science reporter who wrote stories for the site about a range of topics, including the impact of the virus on schools, community gardens and independent bookstores. 

Twitter // [email protected] 

Bryce Buyakie is a social services reporter who also served as the social engagement. He is a native of Toledo whose contributions to the site included dealing with squirrels in the ceiling during quarantine, small businesses and how music tutors adjusted to social distancing.

Twitter // [email protected] 

Erica Anderson is an engagement reporter and filmmaker from the social journalism program. She covered social distancing with parents and children and boosting NY pride with a NY Accent Challenge.  She also wrote about contracting the virus herself and the struggle to recover physically and emotionally.

Twitter // [email protected]

Brooke Henderson led the coverage of forgotten populations such as the incarcerated elderly and minority business owners for the project. She is a business journalist with a socioeconomic lens from Florida and a Dow Jones News Fund class of 2020 intern with The Wall Street Journal.

Twitter // [email protected] 

Paul Stremple is a reporter and photojournalist, who wrote about businesses shifting their production in the fight against coronavirus and the journey home to New York for Peace Corps Volunteers called home from around the world.

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Tim Harper is a Craft professor and writing coach at the Newmark J-School, and a longtime freelance journalist, author, book doctor, ghostwriter and collaborator. http://timharper.com  

Lynn Brown is an assistant professor at the Newmark J-School and freelance journalist specializing in travel and culture writing.

www.literarylynn.com // [email protected]

Susan Beachy, an editorial researcher at The New York Times, is an adjunct research professor for the Craft of Journalism.