Home confinement has led many Americans to renovate and redecorate their living spaces.

As Rachel Green reports in the video above, people across the country are using their time indoors to do the painting and sprucing-up projects they now have more of an opportunity to tackle.

Remaking your space can make it feel more welcoming and give you the energy you need to finish that last homework assignment or sit through another Zoom meeting. 

Here are five simple ways you can brighten up your home:

1. Hang some shelves

Order a few shelves online and display those knickknacks. Remember the days when you could travel? Bring back the memories by displaying pictures on your shelves.

2. Fill your home with plants

Plants give your home life and color. Order a pot and some seeds online and watch them grow. Taking care of something will make you feel better and give you plenty to do in between episodes of that new Netflix series. 

3. Add a statement wall

Get out that extra paint from the back closet and use it to create a colorful wall. You can hang pictures on it or just let it speak for itself. No paint? Get some peel-and-stick wallpaper.

4. Create a gallery wall

Frame your favorite artwork and photos and create a collage. You can also frame motivational quotes or funny sayings to cheer yourself up. It’s like having your own tiny art gallery at home— until you can visit the Guggenheim again. 

5. Get some curtains

Window treatments can really change your space. Add layers of curtains to make your home feel more like a hotel. White curtains add an airy touch, while colorful curtains can make a bold statement. Try curtains with different prints and materials to add texture.